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The 11th Illustration Research symposium was hosted by Kingston School of Art in February 2021 was the first wholly online Illustration Research event. To celebrate the publishing of the landmark book Illustration Research Methods (Gannon and Fauchon, 2021) this year’s Illustration symposium called education into focus. The theme of the conference took a particular critical position - as the traditional role of the illustrator ‘for hire’ diminishes and Illustration practices become ever more chimera-like, the current high demand for illustration courses raises important questions around how we educate a future generation of illustrators and make known their value to employers, collaborators and commissioners, outside of the ‘bubble’ of academic study. We know that the case for criticality in the subject is urgent.

The symposia incorporated presentations from over 70 international academics, professional practitioners and recent graduates as well as a virtual poster forum and an exhibition showcase. 800+ registered to attend the event, making this the largest Illustration research gathering globally. The conference hosted the launch of illustration educators an international network for those who have an interest in the education of illustrators.

As conference organisers, we will guest edit the subsequent two issues of the affiliated Journal of Illustration, drawing from the symposium presentations.

Alex Thorp

Amelia Huw Morgan

Amy Goodwin

Andreas Berg

Angelo Stitz

Brendan Leach & Evelyn Rynkiewicz

Caitlin Kiely

Caitlin McLoughlin

Caroline Pedler

Catherine Anyango Grünewald

Christian Edwardes

Desdemona McCannon, Andrew Demetrius & Joe Pearson

Dr Carolyn Shapiro

Dr. Catrin Morgan

Dr. Nanette Hoogslag

Dr. Rachel Taylor & Jen Franklin

Dr. Stephanie Black

Duncan Ross

Eilis Searson

Eleanor Wemyss

Ellie O'Neill

Emilia Miękisz

Emma Brown

Fiona White

Gabrielle Brace Stevenson

Gabrielle Cariolle​

Gareth Proskourine-Barnett & Alis Oldfield

Gary Embury

Geoff Grandfield

Glyn Brewerton

Hannah Rollings

Hayfaa Chalabi

Jamie Mills

Jane Webster

Jhinuk Sarkar

Jo Sordini

Joanna Rucklidge

John Kilburn

John Miers

Jonathan Halls

Katie Forrester

Katie Jones-Barlow

Kimberly Ellen Hall

Laura Copsey

Laura Slater

Louise Bell

Luise Vormittag

Luke D. Waller

Maggie Gray

Marcus Diamond

Maria Elorza

Matthew Jones

Mel Brown & Jason Hirons

Melisa Tekin

Merav Salomon

Michael Kirkham

Michael O’Shaughnessy

Miriam Elgon

Molly Cranston & Safiye Gray

Nick White, Kieron Baroutchi & Geoff Coupland

Nina Carter & Martha Dillon

Paddy Molloy & Martin Morris

Philip Kennedy

Rachel Davey

Rachel Lillie

Ravista Mehra

Rebecca Bradley

Robyn Phillips-Pendleton

Ryan Hartley Smith

Serena Katt

Siddhi Gupta

Sinead Evans

Siyona Ravi

Tânia Esteves Fernandes Cardoso

Vincent Larkin

Yeni Kim

Yimin Qiao

Yuzhen Cai

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