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The Itinerant Illustrator

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India

18th and 19th December 2014

The event was organised by

Dr. Sandeep Chandra Ashwath with support from DesdemonaMcCannon and Anna Bhushan

See the Speaker Programme here

The Exhibition was curated by

Matt Lee , Alison Byrnes and Anna Bhusan

See the Exhibition Catalogue here

A two day symposium hosted by Srishti College of Art and Design, Bangalore, India in association with Illustration Research Network, The British Council, Intellect Books, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Manchester School of Art, with an exhibition of contemporary illustration and animation  alongside.



Through talks, workshops, performances and exhibited works, we will consider the illustrator in terms of the ‘habitual travelling’ that he or she undertakes. The itinerant nature of the illustrator is evident in the praxis of illustration itself- the oscillation of thought between word and image, page and screen, hand and eye, dream and reality.


Occupying many roles and moving dynamically between them, the itinerant illustrator is an interpreter, a translator, an illuminator, as well as a storyteller, enquirer, performer and a pictorial juggler of ideas. The nomadic nature of the illustrator is to wander between disciplines, search for new contexts and to make images not on one, but several different platforms within an eternal evolution of technologies.


The multi-sited nature of illustration, along with illustrators’ journeys between several positions and places, also involves images that travel. We would like to investigate the fluidity of visual codes and languages, the translations, adaptations and hybrid practices that respond to the movement of cultures within the global village. How are images made and read within shifting regional and trans national contexts? How can we use illustration itself as a methodology to shed light on the praxis of illustration in these multiple contexts?

  • Illustration within local and hybrid cultures

  • Illustrated Narratives on transnational platforms

  • Image and space – murals, installations and other site-specific images

  • The illustration as palimpsest: reinterpretations of received bodies of knowledge.

  • The itinerant storyteller – the book, the scroll, the kaavad.

  • Illustration’s relationship to technology

  • Memory and place in illustration practice

  • Illustration as performance and dialogue 

  • Local/Regional approaches to illustration practice

  • Post colonialism and illustration

  • The illustrator as tourist within global image culture



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